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The Relevance Of Hiring A Spokane Car Accident Law Firm

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Many people do not appreciate just how much a simple car accident may change their life. They downplay small car accidents that occur on Spokane, Washington, roads by refusing to contact their insurer. The responsible party opts to pay out of pocket but fails to understand that victims and passengers may sue them later down the road for negligence and reckless driving. This is where things get complicated fast. At this point, they are open to massive law suits and may end up paying thousands of dollars.


If this occurs, the insurance company has the right to refuse making any payment by claiming a breach of contract. This is because of the failure to disclose the car accident as soon as it occurred. This is despite the fact that the Washington Administrative Code or the Revised Code of Washington do not mandate people to involve insurance companies if an accident happens. But since auto policies contain a “Duty to Report Losses” clause, the only remedy one is left with in such a case is to hire a Spokane car accident law firm to defend them against damages suits.

Accident Victims should also hire attorneys immediately after an accident to protect their interests and ensure that they are adequately compensated by the negligent party in the case. It is not advisable for victims to accept quick handouts and out of pocket payments until they have completely assessed the full extent of their injuries and other damages suffered as a result of the accident.

Why People Need to Hire Car Accident Law Firms

Car accident law falls under personal injury law. In Spokane, this branch of law is controlled by either or both of the Washington Administrative Code and Revised Code of Washington. These two codes largely control how injury claims and law suits are handled. They not only lay out duties and responsibilities that citizens must abide with, but also regulate insurance companies.

Personal injury regulations are not found in one section of the code alone, rather, the codes have different applications for different cases. Some sections allow treble damages, for example in car accidents, while others allow the plaintiff to shift all their attorney’s and court related fees to the defendant.

Understanding and appreciating these codes can be quite difficult. Hence the reason why it is important for accident victims to hire seasoned car accident lawyers to handle their cases. The lawyer will come up with the best strategy that will maximize their client’s chances of winning.

Importance of hiring a Car Accident law firm in Spokane

desperate man after car crash

Car accident victims may suffer numerous damages including expensive medical bills, pain and suffering and even lost wages. These damages should be compensated by the negligent party to allow the victim recover healthily and financially. Failure to settle within the 3-year statute of limitations set for Washington, the claim is barred and one losses all their rights of recovery.

Filing a claim with an insurer does not stay the statute of limitations. One has to formally file a lawsuit to protect their rights. Unfortunately, 3 years is not enough time to fully assess the extent of damages suffered as a result of their accident. The situation is further complicated when one tries to gauge the cost of future treatment needed as well as wage loss or pain and suffering.

Therefore, it is essential to hire an experienced lawyer in Spokane to handle the entire legal process. A lawyer will give their client an initial consultation to assess their case and find out if they have a strong case to pursue or not. They will also offer their professional advice on the best course of action to take.


It is also important to hire legal counsel early to prevent substantially prejudicing the lawyer’s ability to carry out their investigations and assess the extent of damages to include in their client’s claim. The importance of hiring a Spokane lawyer early cannot be overstressed enough irrespective of whether or not the victim believes that their case is weak or are partially at fault.

The revised code of Washington’s section RCW 4.22.005 addresses the Pure Comparative Fault Rule. This statute requires that damages arising from negligence must be reduced according to the appropriate percentage of the plaintiff’s liability. This means that even if one was partly at fault, they are still entitled to receive some compensation.

Reasons to Hire a Spokane Car Accident Lawyer

Prevent victims from Making Damaging Statements

Victims should refrain from making damaging statements or admitting full and partial liability. Special care should be taken when dealing with insurance adjusters because certain statements may cause the firm to either deny or minimize the claim. A lawyer will deal with the insurer or any other at fault party throughout the legal process.


Obtaining Important Documents

Law firms are efficient at acquiring documents pertinent to their client’s case. This includes medical records, police reports and other information related to the case. This allows them to build a strong case and avoid unfavorable surprises during the course of the case.

Car Accident Law Firms Oversee the Investigation Process

Law firms are fully equipped to deal with investigators and other experts like accident reconstructionists and medical doctors. This allows them to prove their client’s case.

Preserve Evidence

Acting quickly and decisively is important when dealing with an accident. The attorney must preserve evidence and take photos to memorialize the accident scene. They will also follow up on the vehicle and obtain crucial evidence before it is lost over time. They navigate tight bureaucracy and get things done.


Ensure Fair Compensation

A victim may not fully understand and appreciate the full extent of damages that they are entitled to after an accident. A lawyer will adequately assess their client’s case and negotiate a fair settlement that ensures their victims receive adequate compensation to enable them recover healthily and financially.

Hiring a Spokane car accident law firm is recommended after the occurrence of an accident. The victim will be assigned an experienced lawyer who will assist them to prepare a proper legal and medical summary of their case. Lawyers also shield their clients from insurers as they heal and ensure that they get a fair settlement.